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Level 1 - Mechanical Access/Egress

Ingersoll Rand's high-function locks, exit devices, door closers and key systems perform reliable door control functions. These Level 1 solutions are the foundation of any access control system and are the first level of defense against unauthorized access.

Schlage is the pre-eminent leader in the door hardware industry, offering an extensive line of premium locks, key systems and cylinders.

Ingersoll Rand offers the widest portfolio of proven doors, frames and door control hardware used extensively around the world.

Level 2 - Electronic access control and key management

Schlage Electronics access control systems allow building owners and managers to gain control of their openings through a variety of systems and credentials.

  • Improve “key” control by using credentials that cannot be duplicated.
  • Audit trails giving a time and date stamp of who went where and when are managed by access control software for all authorized users.
  • Reprogram locks on the door instead of rekeying or replacing the lock.

Level 3 - Networked Access Control & Biometrics

Ingersoll Rand specializes in the system integration of your electronic access-control, CCTV/DVR, fire/life safety systems, elevator controls, alarm monitoring, and badging for guests into one, comprehensive software solution.

Level 4 - Facility Integration

The highest level of opening intelligence is provided by integrated software solutions that can interface with all the different levels and types of security - biometric, and electronic access control, time and attendance, personnel scheduling, data capture techniques and face recognition products. This solution is ideal for corporate offices, hospitals, government facilities, and manufacturing environments.

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