The Lock. Loaded.

The fully loaded touchscreen deadbolt

Introducing the New Touchscreen Deadbolt with features like built-in alarm technology, keyless entry and Nexia™ Home Intelligence compatibility. What's on your door is now as advanced as what's inside.

The Lock. Loaded.

Keyless. And more.

We put more in. To keep more out.

Strength in features.

Strong. But not silent.

Serious Features. Serious Control

Lock Programs

  • Auto Lock The bolt can relock after 30 seconds
    of being unlocked.
  • Lock & Leave Hit Schlage button on exterior side
    of lock to activate the deadbolt.
  • Vacation Mode Disable access for all user codes
    until you return from your trip.

Alarm Modes

  • Activity Alert Monitor when someone goes in or out.
    Two short beeps sound every time the
    door opens and closes.
  • Tamper Alert Know when the doorknob/lever is
    being disturbed. Short, rapid beeps
    act as a deterrent against tampering.
  • Forced Entry Alert Hear instant notification when significant force pushes against the door. Loud, shrill siren sounds at first impact.

Easy Installation. Unbeatabout protection.

Get the most out of your small investment with a rugged metal construction that ensures long-lasting service.

Powered by 4 AA Batteries

Visual indicators let you know when the battery is running low.

All You need is a screwdriver

Standard lock design fits most
one-hole residential door preps.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Covers mechanical parts and finish for the original user.

Nexia™ Home Intelligence.

The fully loaded touchscreen deadbolt can also connect with Nexia Home Intelligence

This home automation system keeps you in control of your home's security when you're away, for greater peace of mind.

Run your home. From wherever.

  • Control Take control of your lock's functions remotely.
    Lock or unlock the deadbolt with the tap of a finger.
  • Schedule Schedule lock codes to be active only
    on certain days at specific times.
  • Configure Program user codes and alarm modes
    from any Internet-enabled device.
  • Monitor Receive text alerts when an alarm triggers
    or when specific lock codes are entered.
Nexia Features on the iPhone Nexia Features on the iPhone Nexia Features on the iPhone Nexia Features on the iPhone

Enjoy your time away. With 24/7 control.

cure separation anxiety with the Nexia Home Intelligence system

When you're miles away from home, you can relax with this around‑the‑clock remote control. Manage locks, lights, cameras, even the temperature of your house—from wherever. It's the next best thing to being there.

Stylish Security

The Lock. Loaded.

Grade 1 Highest Residential Security

The highest-rated residential security as certified by BHMA.

Built-in Alarm Technology

Alerts you with an audible alarm when there's activity at your door.

Connects with Nexia Home Intelligence

Control your home's security, even when you're on the go.

Fingerprint-Resistant Touchscreen with
Matte Finish

Doesn't show wear pattern
or fingerprint marks.

Fingerprint-Resistant Touchscreen with
Matte Finish

Even after repeated use, numbers you've pressed won't be detectable.

keyless entry

Simply enter your private 4- to 8-digit code to enter your home.

keyless entry

Keys are a thing of the past.
Never worry about losing, hiding,
carrying or forgetting them.

Auto-lock feature

Automatically relocks door anytime it's left unlocked.

Auto-lock feature

Never lose sleep over leaving your home unlocked, whether you're in or out for the night.

Anti-Pick Shield

Protects against lock tampering.

Anti-Pick Shield

A shield across the top and
bottom helps prevent against picking from these angles.

Show me how
to unlock this

Motorized Bolt

Automatically locks when the Schlage button is pressed.

Motorized Bolt

Easy one-button locking—push
a button to set the lock and off
you go.

Built-in alarm technology

Senses vibrations or movement of
the door and immediately alerts
you with an audible alarm.

Programmable alarm modes

Three audible alarm modes
alert you when:

  • Someone goes in or out.
  • The door's knob/lever is
    being disturbed.
  • Significant force pushes
    against the door.

Programmable alarm modes

Keep track of your family's
comings and goings, while
keeping intruders out.

unlock the strength and features