Upgrading Your Home Security

When security is your priority. Families like the Goergen’s know firsthand the importance of their home’s security. During an attempted break-in, a Schlage deadbolt helped deter the robber allowing time for the home owner to call the police. After an incident like this one, fortifying your home with the best security becomes a top priority.



Deadbolts – your maximum-security defense

For your most important line of defense, make sure you install deadbolts just as the Goergen’s did on every entry door to your house. Schlage’s Grade 1 deadbolts, offer professional grade security with the biggest, strongest bolt available.

Busy families need ease of security

Electronic security is a great upgrade for today’s families on the go. With no keys to hide, lose or forget your family can come and go with peace of mind. The electronic Keypad Entry allows you to switch between the unlocked and automatic relocking functions.

Helpful Hint

A great place to slow down and expose an intruder is at the property line. A home intruder generally looks for two elements when selecting a home: the ability to get in and out quickly, and the need to remain unseen. Here are some solutions to further secure your home:

  • Perimeter lighting. Many burglars prefer the cover of darkness. By keeping your property well lit at night, you take away their anonymity, forcing them to find another target.
  • Motion sensors. When linked to your outdoor lighting system, motion sensors will startle an intruder by instantly drowning him in light.
  • Timers for interior lights. If you're going away on vacation, put timers on your interior lights.
  • Security cameras. Security cameras are now used by many people for their home defense.
  • Professional security deadbolts. If you have a garage attached to your home, make sure there's a deadbolt on the door linking your house and garage.

Additional deterrents to intruders:

  • Join your local Neighborhood Watch. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to secure your home at the property line is to turn on the eyes and ears of your neighborhood.
  • Don't advertise your absence. Put away items like sports equipment, lawn mowers, portable grills and bicycles.
  • When going on vacation. Have your mail and newspaper delivery stopped and arrange to have your yard maintained and your driveway shoveled.
  • Lock your car while it's in the driveway. Always lock your car when it's in the driveway or parked in front of your house.
  • Trim hedges and shrubs. The worst thing you can do is give an intruder a place to hide while breaking into your home.
  • Secure your windows. A common entry point for burglars is a ground level window at the side or rear of the house.

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