Securing an Apartment, Condo or Townhouse

When you rent, you don't always have control over the level of security your landlord or management company uses in your building. Some buildings have a 24-hour doorman or guard, some don't. Plus, certain types of apartments are easier targets than others; a garden apartment may be more susceptible to burglary attempts than a high-rise apartment.


Talk to your landlord

He or she should be just as interested in your security as you are. Inquire about securing your exterior doors with Schlage Grade 1 deadbolts.

Assess your entrance doors

The entrance doors to your apartment complex are another line of defense. With every new resident, the lock should be changed and new keys should be issued. Schlage’s SecureKey™ Technology allows landlords and managers to quickly and safely re-key a lock without ever having to remove it from the door. Your security cannot afford uncertainty, be sure your locks have been changed.

Apartment dwellers security checklist

  • Find out from a local official what your rights are as a tenant. Determine how much responsibility your landlord has for providing your home with adequate security.
  • Conduct a security assessment of your apartment. Evaluate these vulnerable areas:
    • Exterior doors. All should be equipped with Schlage Grade 1 deadbolts and have adequate lighting.
    • Windows. Locking devices can prevent thieves from opening windows and gaining entry to your apartment.
    • Sliding glass doors. Make sure your sliding glass doors are equipped with a locking device or place a strong metal or wooden bar, such as a broomstick handle, along the track to prevent the door from being opened.
  • Ensure the entrance doors to your apartment are equipped with Schlage deadbolts with a 1" bolt.
  • Obtain renter's insurance. A policy will protect you in case your apartment is burglarized. Many insurance policies held by the landlord do not cover the tenants for losses incurred in a burglary, fire or other mishap.
  • Join or form an Apartment Watch. Like Neighborhood Watches, this is an organized group of tenants who keep a lookout for suspicious activity and report it to the police. Contact your local law enforcement agency for more information and help in setting one up.
  • Ask about the landlord or management company’s key control system and their policies for notifying you before they enter your apartment with a key.
  • Make sure you understand how your apartment's buzzer system works. Before buzzing in a guest, you should know who you're admitting.
  • Always make sure the lobby door locks after you enter or leave. And don't hold the door open for people you don't know without first ensuring they live there.
  • Check for outdoor security lighting. Lighting is one of the best deterrents to burglary. According to many crime prevention officers, about nine out of ten burglars will choose not to enter a building that is well lit.
  • Be sure any window air conditioning units are bolted to the wall so they can't be removed.
  • If you live in a ground floor or garden apartment, strong locks on the windows or bars fastened to the masonry will improve security. Otherwise, these windows can be forced open easily.

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