Replacing Door Knobs & Hardware

Replacing a deadbolt with Schlage.

Keeping his elderly neighbors safe and secure was the vision behind Don Eberhard’s “Habitat for Compassion” project. Don’s cause started simply by replacing door hardware in his neighbor’s old, inferior locks with sturdy Schlage locks and deadbolts. The concept caught on and Don’s cause is still going strong.

Security you can count on

Don’t wait for a break-in to happen before changing door locks in your home. Schlage’s deadbolts are bigger and stronger than ever. Our Snap-n-Stay™ installation saves time for a quick and easy install.

Match making

Do you need to know how to change a door lock, so all of your home’s interior hardware coordinates? Schlage is ready to help. With a range of finishes, you can find the one that matches what you already have. Or, after seeing what Schlage has to offer, you may decide to start fresh with something completely new. Keep in mind that you can customize your knobs and levers with different finish options for either side of the door.

Lots of locks

Different doors within your home require knobs and levers with different locking options. Exterior keyed entrance locks keep your home safe from intruders, while bedroom/bathroom locks provide added privacy with a push button from the inside. Electronic keypads are a great option for a door that needs extra security without sending you searching for the key every time you need to open it.

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