Moving to a New Home

Making a move with peace of mind. As a new homeowner, not knowing who has keys or access to the home you just purchased is unnerving. Inevitably, one of the first changes you’ll make to your home is new locks. Keeping your family safe in their new home is as important as the home itself.

Your first line of defense

Replacing existing locks with Schlage door locks and maximum-security deadbolts is the first step you can take to ensure your new home’s security.

Moving Checklist

Review our security checklist before and after you move to protect your home and family. Contact your local police department for a crime profile of your new neighborhood.

  • Before you move, take your family to visit your new home and neighborhood.
  • Change all of the locks as soon as possible. For the best in home security, install Schlage deadbolts and front entry handlesets.
  • If the house has a burglar alarm, change the access codes immediately and notify any alarm service of the new ownership.
  • Tour your new home and property and look for weak links in your home's defenses such as missing deadbolts on exterior doors, flimsy door and window locks and lack of outdoor lighting. Every entry door should have a Schlage deadbolt, including the door linking your garage and house.
  • Consider your perimeter security. Walk around your yard at different times of the day to judge lighting and shadows. Think about how you will enter and exit the home from different doorways.
  • Find out the phone numbers and locations of the emergency services that serve your area.
  • When you move in, join your local Neighborhood Watch.

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