How to Choose the Proper ANSI Grade – Door Lock Functions and Security

Lock grades from Schlage.

Selection that’s simple in two easy steps.

Considering how and where you will use your door lock is the first step to choosing the right one. Then think about the level of security needed for each particular door. For exterior doors, enhance your security by choosing a locking solution that includes a Grade 1 deadbolt.


For exterior doors where security is critical. Schlage offers deadbolts with keyed access from one side of the door or from both sides.

Keyed Entry knobs or levers

Ideal for side and back doors.

Front Entry Handleset (includes deadbolt)

Make a bold statement at your home’s front door while taking advantage of the protection of a Schlage deadbolt.

Does your lock make the grade?

Schlage deadbolts have an ANSI Grade 1 security rating - this is the highest level of residential security available.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private non-profit organization that administers and coordinates voluntary standardization to develop and maintain performance standards for builder's hardware. The purpose of product grades is to help identify the quality and durability of locksets through a series of operational and security tests. 

  • Grade 1 certification – Highest Grade Security. Grade 1 is the strongest grade ANSI/BHMA will supply for any Residential or Commercial product.
  • Grade 2 certification – Higher Residential Security. Grade 2 is designed and built to offer excellent security and durability for more residential applications and some light commercial applications.
  • Grade 3 certification – Basic residential security. Grade 3 is the lowest grade provided by ANSI, the minimal acceptable quality for residential door locks.  

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